I’m Having Carpet Cleaners Come Tomorrow; Am I Supposed To Leave When They Come To Clean??

Am i meant to leave the house when the people come to wash/steam my carpets or is it ok if i stay and fiddle around doing other things like laundry or whatever?

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8 Responses to “I’m Having Carpet Cleaners Come Tomorrow; Am I Supposed To Leave When They Come To Clean??”

  • Stay! There’s no way I’d leave my house while there are strangers working in it, unless they were properly bonded!

  • josh p:

    Deffinatly not some people are really dishonest stay in your house and watch them but don’t get in there way

  • gurrrly:

    of course you can stay in your own home. if you are worried about getting in the way, just do as you said you would, the laundry, tidying, dishes, whatever. any person that comes in to do any kind of work, repair, or renos, you can stay in the home.

  • Stay there to make sure the don’t damage anything, or possibly take something.

  • pcbeachr:

    No as long as you are staying off the cleaned areas untill properly dry..If I had a Carpet Cleaner tell me I couldn’t be present..then I know they are out to screw me one way or another…

  • thewrang:

    Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time fixing other people’s homes, hehehe… do whatever is most comfortable for you.
    If you prefer to stay and work, or lounge, or whatever, in the house, you have every right to do so.
    Some folks don’t WANT to be in the home while it is being worked on tho, and would rather be absent. I’m a trustworthy person, and bring only people I trust in my own home to work with me…. and an excellent reputation to back it up… so folks can feel safe leaving their home in my care…sorry to say, that is not always the case. If you want to be absent, I would urge you to check references, insurance, etc of whoever will be in the home.
    My line of work has been a bit more intrusive than cleaning carpets.. hehehe… there have been times I had huge holes in floors, walls, ceilings, etc, hehehe… and some folks want to see how I go about making the repairs, and some don’t. All I ask is some common sense when it comes to safety… If I lock out an electrical circuit, “I” need to be the one to turn it back on. If there is a hole in the floor, hehe.. please don’t step in it, or allow the family pet to run loose.
    You do what suits you…those coming in to clean shouldn’t have any complaints, after all, you’re the customer.
    Have Fun

  • Blood+ 4ever:

    When people come to do my carpets i stay at home. While they clean i do something else. I don;t think it is wise to leave your house unattended with carpet cleaners

  • Wonder:

    it’s best to stay there if they have any questions. besides, do you trust these people you don’t know being in your house without you present? just sit in a room where theres no carpet and you should be fine.

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