Is There A Cleaner That Keeps Carpet Stains From Coming Back??

I have cream colored burber (spelling?) carpet and I’ve had them steam cleaned and used other “spot” cleaners only to have the dirt come back. The high traffic areas are the worst. Yesterday I tried Oxy-clean so I’m waiting to see if all the stains come back again. Granted this place IS a rental, it still annoys me, lol.
My husband tells me the reason stains come back is because the soap attracts the dirt. Why when you steam clean with pure water do the stains come back? Soap isn’t involved!
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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4 Responses to “Is There A Cleaner That Keeps Carpet Stains From Coming Back??”

  • eskie lover:

    Your hubby is correct. Most people do not realize that the detergents in most carpet cleaning spotters and products actually leave a residue that attracts dust in the air and dirt from your shoes to it so that you get a mystery stain later. You can steam clean with vinegar, still get your carpet clean, and not attract dust and dirt. You can also buy residue free cleaners, like Folex which you can spot with and use in a steam cleaner. The problem with cleaning with water alone is that you are drawing up the dirt from the padding and backing of the carpet without having a means of breaking it down. You would practically have to flood the carpet to remove it all (a carpet can hold 10 times its weight in dirt and dust), so best to add something that disintegrates the dirt without leaving a residue.

  • נєѕѕι¢α (ανα'ѕ мσмму):

    Scotch guard works great for my family.

  • judy_der:

    Usually spots will re-appear if they aren’t rinsed well after cleaning. You should also apply Scotch Guard after cleaning.

  • College Guy:

    rinse the cleaning products! Use water as hot as you can get it, and shop vac it up immediately. Repeat as necessary.

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