Is Using Steam Mops Really Envo Friendly?

Or is using organic cleaners better to clean floors? Witch is more environmentally friendly? And to steam mops really sanatizes?

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One Response to “Is Using Steam Mops Really Envo Friendly?”

  • whsgreen:

    I occasionally use a steam cleaner, but I prefer to use methods that don’t take electricity. As far as which is better for the environment, it may be a tie, the electricity used to heat the water for steam is probably equal to the manufacturing and shipping impacts of the cleaner. There is rarely a need to sanitize, unless you’ve had a flu outbreak and you have someone with immune issues. A steam mop can sanitize, but just like antibacterial soaps, most people don’t leave them on long enough to kill the bacteria. It can take up to 10 minutes of steam to kill some germs.

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