My Cat Peed On Our Carpet And The Smell Wont Go Away. What Do We Do Now?

Like i said before our cat peed on our livingroom carpet and the smell wont go away. We used carpet cleaners and a small steam cleaner. But the smell is still there. What do we do to get rid of it?

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16 Responses to “My Cat Peed On Our Carpet And The Smell Wont Go Away. What Do We Do Now?”

  • ♥ †@ÿŁƏƏ♥:

    Spray it with straight white vinegar and blot up. Repeat until the smell is gone.:)

  • You might not be able to get rid of the smell because your cat re-marks it. You need to get an enzyme cleaner that will not only remove the stain, but also eliminate all traces of the odor, or your cat will keep coming back to it.
    Try Nature’s Miracle. You can get that at all pet stores. Instructions how to use it are on the bottle.
    Carpet cleaners will most likely just reach the top layer of your carpet, not all the way down to the padding, so you really need to soak the spot with the enzyme cleaner to totally eliminate the smell. Good luck.

  • dg2003:

    Get Pet Stain remover at your local pet store. Also, put the cats food bowl where she peed. They won’t pee near their food. That’s what we did. If you live in an aprtment, most likely there was a cat in the apartment before. They can smell another cats scent even if the cat has been gone for a long time. She is marking her territory.

  • pixietur:

    Pour vinegar on it..or Odo Ban works well..

  • Move. The smell will never comeout and the cat will ALWAYS pee there. Sucky.

  • erikko:

    any acid will do like vinegar but i prefer lime the most because it leaves a zesty smell

  • luna:

    get rid of the cat

  • ♥♥♥mom3ღ:

    The only thing that worked for me was Borax found in the laundry section of stores…
    pore a heaping amount on the stain if it’s still wet if not – wet the stain with water then pore on the Borax let it set there till it’s dry. It pulls out the wet, stain, and odor!!!

  • Visira97:

    Try Urine Gone. You can find this at Harriet Carter. This is a magazine.

  • Mike R:

    I heard that if you pee over the spot where the cat pee’d let it sit untouched for 3 weeks and do it again once every 3 weeks… the cat will pack its catnip and move to the sewer system…………………………….…
    Have you tried cleaning its catbox, Ive heard that works real well when your cat is pissing and pooping all over your house!

  • Donna B:

    Go to cvs and get urine gone

  • get rid of the cat…the more you clean, the more its gonna pee.

  • edwin m:

    use Urine Gone and also go to a candel shop and find the liqued sent that u put on top those little candles and pore that on the spot it will cover up the smell and u will smell the pee smell good luck thats what i did at my friends house and it worked

  • coffee:

    Get rid of both. Buy a new carpet.

  • Hotcakes:

    Kill the cat …. then a solution of vinager and baking soda rubbed into the spot and let to soak for about 10 mins will work

  • sky pilot:

    get rid of the cat , via a 12 gauge

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