My Sofa (couch, Chesterfield, Etc) Needs Cleaning. Which Is Better, Steam Or Dry Cleaning?

Of course the question makes no sense, but there wasn’t enough room. The coverings of the pillow and seat cushions can be removed and sent to the dry cleaners. Then I could simply have the rest of it steam-cleaned. But my question is, should I have everything steam cleaned? Will there be a difference if I steam clean part and dry clean the rest? Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning? Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “My Sofa (couch, Chesterfield, Etc) Needs Cleaning. Which Is Better, Steam Or Dry Cleaning?”

  • Rob M:

    steam cleaning is generally considered the best form of cleaning. Dry cleaning is usually only used if you cannot steam clean the furniture. IE some types of cotton or linen or silk furniture cannot be steam cleaned because it will damage the fabric.
    Dry cleaning is less likely to damage certain delicate types of fabrics which is why it is used. Call to have it steam cleaned if they cannot steam clean it they will tell you.
    As far as the W or S on the tag that doesn’t really help unless you know which company put that tag on. There are 2 of them and they uses the opposite meanings from each other. I have yet to see the companies name on a tag

  • dawnb:

    The zippers on the pillows and seat cushions are only there to rearrange the inner foam cushions if they get out of alignment not to remove them for cleaning. You would run the risk of shrinkage and then not having them fit. Under one of the seat cushions is a tag that should have a cleaning code. If it has a W or W/S you can have the sofa steam cleaned. If it has an S it means you must use a dry cleaning solvent to clean it. Whatever you do don’t remove the covers and clean them separately.

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