My Veil Is Crushed! Can I Iron Or Steam It? Help!?

I got married almost two years ago, and then I lost my veil, which my best friend gave me as a gift. She’s getting married in a few days and she is using my veil, which I’ve finally found. It’s badly crushed! I’m not in the USA and I can’t get it cleaned and returned in time for her wedding. Dry cleaners don’t have a quick turn-around time here.
It’s made of netting with small pearls and diamantes on it. Can I iron it? Can I steam it? Will that make it look less crushed? Help!

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6 Responses to “My Veil Is Crushed! Can I Iron Or Steam It? Help!?”

  • Izzy:

    i think steaming it would be the ideal choice. if you iron it, it could burn the netting and the pearls would make it harder to do seeing its not a smooth surface. good luck!

  • Jess:

    You could probably iron it if you set the iron on the polyester heat setting, with high steam, and put a dish cloth over the fabric to protect is while you are ironing it. You might also be able to use some paper towel. If the polyester heat setting is not doing the trick, slowly bump up the heat. Be very careful, though, to not touch the netting of the veil with the iron because it might damage it.

  • Eagle Eye:

    cold water and woolite soak it there for 1 hour rinse it clean and hang to dry no iron if you have sparkles in it it will crush them . gently smooth it with your hands .and keep it hung for a few days .…

  • stushie:

    you can place it on the ironing board and put a white t-shirt over it then you press it but put the iron on no2 or low this wont bur the veil. all the best

  • .:

    Steaming it or take it to the dry cleaners they can really help you

  • ♫ Mad Luv ♫:

    if your friend is in the states then ask her to do it and toss a few buck in it!
    we have 1 hr turn around

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