Ok What Exactly Should You Do If You Accidentally Inhale Bathroom Cleaners / Bleach?

I don’t want to go to a doctor unless it doesn’t get better. It was bathroom products that contained bleach (yes I had the windows open) it was either that or mold.. either way what should I do? Is it better to drink something or not drink something? I heard it’s good to inhale steam or is that actually worse? PLEASE give me links if you can – I can’t find any

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4 Responses to “Ok What Exactly Should You Do If You Accidentally Inhale Bathroom Cleaners / Bleach?”

  • erlifesa:

    I worked with patients after a chlorine spill in South Carolina. If you inhaled chlorine, (when?) you can experience shortness of breath, non-productive cough and bronchiospasms(when you just can’t stop coughing). You may wheeze off and on for days. Assuming you didn’t suffer a chemical burn, you can have the irritation for quite a while. Drinking liquids will dilute whatever you inhaled or ingested. Change your clothes immediately and put the contaminated stuff outside. It sounds like this didn’t happen just now. If it did, go to the nearest ER. If not, and you are having problems with wheezing or coughing, go to your doctor or the ER. A chest film will make sure you don’t have an isolated burn chemical pneumonia. And definately don’t mix stuff…chlorine gas is nothing to play with. Doc’s can give you a couple of inhalers that will help you over the rough spots, if your exposure was minor. Hope you feel better:)

  • Sophia:

    That has happened to me before. I actually called the Poison Control. They told me to take a brisk 20 minute walk and if I had problems breathing to go to the ER
    Call them its free and they can help.

  • ok:

    call poison control but next time use cleaning products from http://besathealth.go.cc that is not harmful

  • la_nena_:

    The first and foremost thing you should do is to leave the area immediately. Go outside the house and breathe deeply, so fresh, oxygenated air gets into your lungs and displaces any harmful fumes you may have inhaled. Drink plenty of water, it won’t harm you. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as cola, tea or coffee. If in half an hour you still feel sick, head to the nearest ER, because further treatment might be needed [which I don't think will be the case, unless you're asthmatic]. You can also try contacting your local Poison Control Center; they are prepared to deal with these kind of situations and can give you further recommendations. Good luck, and I hope that you’ll be okay very soon.

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