Okay, I Have A Puppy Problem. Don’t Tell Me To Go Pets, Cause You All Know You Don’t Hang Out There Either Lol

Okay, so I have a puppy, and he tinkled all over my basement carpet. I have steam cleaned it using pet ordor and stain remover and I have also used Oxyclean and one of those rug doctor steam cleaners as well. Nothing has taken the stains or the smell out of the carpet!
So what can I use that will actually work? The smell is nasty and I can’t stand it anymore! PLEASE HELP! LOL

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12 Responses to “Okay, I Have A Puppy Problem. Don’t Tell Me To Go Pets, Cause You All Know You Don’t Hang Out There Either Lol”

  • Chistiaŋ:

    Sounds like you need to shampoo the carpet with something more industrial. Um, you might be able to rent one from the grocery store. Some still allow you to do that. But, I don’t think that was first time the puppy “tinkled” there. ; )

  • dato:

    Just use methylated spirits, that should get the whole thing out

  • Margie:

    If the smell is that bad, he’s peed on that carpet WAY more than one time.
    Get some Petastic- it’s an enzyme cleaner designed exactly for urine stains and smells.
    Try getting a professional cleaner out there- they have “stuff” for major problem areas.

  • sixsgm:

    Just spank your puppy and teach not to do it again, about the stain and the smell of the carpet, just change to the new one, it’s time to change!

  • ?:

    Go to a pet store, they have products like Urine Gone that will work.

  • munesliv:

    use 1/2 and 1/2 of vinegar and water. after that dries, try sprinkling some baking soda on the areas.

  • Jenster*:

    unless your puppy pees pure napalm, theres no reason why the advice above me will do the trick.
    Good Luck

  • Miss Lady:

    Mix one part vinegar and one part lemon juice with water and scrub like hell.

  • combs:

    white vinegar cut with a little bit of water is the best ever for puppy problems. the smell it leaves might also deter him from going in that spot again too. win-win situation!

  • Cindi:

    I had a dog who peed on my white carpet. I tried everything imaginable to get it out, including bleach! It didn’t, I had to replace it. I don’t know of anything that gets that out.

  • Java Jive:

    carpet? hmm. just shampoo the rug. if it was a regular floor you could have used amonia. but i dont recommend that on carpet.

  • Bubbles ?:

    if you can stand the smell – try the vinegar thing

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