Portable Steam Cleaners – Do They Really Work Well?

I have seen these portable steam cleaners on QVC and the Home Shopping Channel advertised and I’m just skeptical as to whether they would work and how long the machine would last. Anybody have any feedback on these things? thanks

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2 Responses to “Portable Steam Cleaners – Do They Really Work Well?”

  • Lynda:

    I love mine. I use it to spritz or spray-clean mirror, my shower: walls, floors and doors. Also use it to clean toilets: porcelain, seat & hinges, part of bowl that is not under water and the tile floor around the toilet base. It cleans parts of the toilet that I previously had been unable to reach because the steam removed a urine smell that I never was able to wash/soak/scrub completely away before. We have tiled floors in both bathrooms, that’s why I dared to use the steam there at the base of the toilets. The steam treatment leaves all the fixtures shining.
    Need to read instructions and don’t overfill the container. When you are finished, pull the plug right away. I do that just to make sure machine doesn’t burn up because I’m not sure if it has an automatic shut off.
    I bought a plastic container with handle to keep my machine in. For about $40 steam cleaner was a good buy for me. They have it at Bed and Bath, too. I got mine when Walgreens had it in stock At some large malls where they have stores that sells stuff advertised on TV, I’ve seen the little steamer.

  • Dale:

    They do work and since there basically are no moving parts they should last a good long time. They use steam cleaners commercially to clean the out side of buildings and for the cleaning of auto engines and other work machine in factories.

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