Product Reveiw: Swivel Sweeper?

K, i have had hit or miss luck with “As seen on TV” products. I LOVE my Shark Steam Mop but hated my Tobi Garment Steamer. I hated my Magic Bullet but love my Bonzai Food Chopper. Now I have found my next “As seen…” product.
Its the Swivel Sweeper. I have 4 cats and 3 teenagers in my home and I am a clean freak. I currently have the Swiffer Vac and I do like it but it does not hold a charge long enough. I need a good sweeper that can work on low carpet and bare floors.
The Swivel Sweeper is getting mixed reviews. Everyone admits it works really well at picking every type of debris up and that it is really super easy to use BUT a few people complained that after just a few months the rechargeable battery goes.
Please, I really need a product like this for my home, can anyone give me a review on this product The Swivel Sweeper As Seen on TV?
In particular does anyone know if it is great for pet hair on bare floors?

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2 Responses to “Product Reveiw: Swivel Sweeper?”

  • Treebear:

    My mom LOVES hers and even gave me one for Christmas…but I have yet to use it. She does not allow pets in the house, so I’m not sure about the pet question, but it sure does a good job of getting everything else up.
    The reason I don’t use mine is because it’s so loud! That’s the only drawback as far as I can tell.
    P.S. I love my magic bullet :-)

  • Dani H:

    Ok, I am a total sucker for infomercials. Yes I bought the swivel sweeper. I like it for hardwood floors but it is no good on carpet or on stairs like the infomercial said. Also, the storage cup is fairly small so you have to keep dumping it. (I have a golden retriever and he sheds like crazy!) It works fine but the handle broke after about 6 months. I don’t love it and I am looking for something else that works better rather than replacing it. It is a little awkward to empty too. (By the way, I really like my magic bullet! But all those mugs are a waste of space!)

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