Products That U Use In Steam Cleaners?

ok so i am renting one of those big steam cleaners and the solution is very expensive i am wondering what u used in a steam cleaner that was less expensive? the carpets in our new place are old and have some stains and our daughter just started crawling so we need it to be as clean as possible…thank u

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  • armyof4:

    You can use vinegar or buy a store brand soap from Walmart.

  • Sue B:

    Buy the store brand, it works the same as the name brands do. Just follow the instructions that come with the machine. I use Walmart’s and get fantastic results. Good luck.

  • mshonnie:

    Simply Simple Green
    I have cleaned my carpets many, many times with those rental machines and I always use Simple Green. It works wonderfully and will make your carpet absolutely new looking. It removes so many tough stains. You can find it at most home improvement type stores and can get a gallon of the stuff for around $10 or less.
    Vinegar Carpet Solution
    I’ve used just about every kind of carpet cleaner solution in my steam cleaner. None of them compare to one simple cheap solution, which is vinegar mixed with water. I use a solution of about 1 to 10 and am amazed at the results every time. It gets rid of spots that come back to the surface and cleans my steam cleaner at the same time. The vinegar smell does stay around until the carpet is completely dry. I usually spray the carpet down with some no-vacuuming foam afterwards while the carpet is still wet
    Custom Carpet Cleaning Solution
    Add about 3 teaspoons of clear dishwashing liquid (non moisturizing), 1/4 cup of ammonia, and 1/4 cup of vinegar to a few gallons of water. I’ve also used 1/2 cup of vinegar to a few gallons of water. Everything comes out great!
    This Recipe Kills Odors
    I have used grocery store rental carpet machines before and have come up with my own “recipe.” Use one scoop of OxiClean, one cup of generic Fabreeze or one cup of vinegar, and the recommended hot water. The outcome is not only clean, but it also kills all odors Do not worry about using vinegar. Once the vinegar dries, the smell is gone
    Plain Old White Vinegar
    I use plain old white distilled vinegar for all of my carpet cleaning. I have a machine that I use on a regular basis for cleaning carpets in my home. With allergies in the house and four dogs as well, this has proven to be a great, inexpensive solution. Just mix it as you would the regular cleaning solution, and when the carpet dries, there will be no more smell from the vinegar. This works great on most stains.
    Good Luck !

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