Renting A Steam Cleaner?

I have a couch that is in good shape and its really comfy except for the fact that it has a few unsightly stains. Does anyone know if Home Depot’s steam cleaner works on furniture as well as carpets? Or, does anyone know of a commercial chain store that rents furniture steam cleaners?

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  • pebblesp:

    Try your local grocery store or Super Kmart… I rented one from Kmart for about $40.. Just make sure it has the furniture attachment.. However, check your couch cushions if they have a zipper you can take the cushions off and wash them on gentle cycle Warm/cold and hang them to dry or tumble dry low and put back on while still damp.. Good luck

  • bird:

    i rented one at eckerds drugs for 22$ and that was for 24 hours. SO good luck. !!

  • Bingo:

    I don’t know where you live but Kroger stores rent the Rug Doctor and the furniture attachments, and you buy the cleaners you need in the same spot.

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