Shark Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Does It Really Work?

I’m thinking of buying one of those Shark Steam Cleaners and wondering if they really get the job one well or if it’s more work than with just a regular mop? Do you have to rinse out the pad every time or buy a new one? How long before the steam runs out?

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2 Responses to “Shark Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Does It Really Work?”

  • pissy_ol:

    I have a shark steam mop (not a euro pro) and I love it for my hardwood. It does not leave the wood wet like a mop. Drying faster is so much better for the flooring. I can clean two large rooms or so on one fill up. You only change the pad when dirty. When you change the pad (it comes with 4 or 5 pads) you just throw it in the wash and launder it. It is less work than anything I have used. Much nicer than anything I used. I don’t mind washing my floors whenever they need it. I use it on tiles too and it works well. You have to use it slowly to clean well, but keeps my floors clean and I have a dog that runs in and out in all weather. I bought one for my daughter and she likes it too. The best thing is that I do not have to buy any chemical cleaners…I am just using for children and animals.

  • James:

    I haven’t had luck with any Shark (euro-Pro) products other than their toaster oven. This includes all of their floor cleaning items!
    Good luck!

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