Should I Buy A Fabric Steamer Instead Of Spending $$$ To The Cleaners?

In an effort to save money I am considering on buying a fabric steamer instead of taking my clothes to the cleaners (It’s gotten very expensive). I understand this steamers remove wrinkles but I was wondering if the steam actually cleans the clothes (removes dust, dirt or spots)
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3 Responses to “Should I Buy A Fabric Steamer Instead Of Spending $$$ To The Cleaners?”

  • voicefro:

    Steaming clothes can “freshen” them a bit if they just have a “used” odor. Steaming dirty clothes will cause the dirt to penetrate further and not do anything to help. Don’t forget, steaming clothes is not the same as professional ironing and finishing. Steam will not remove dust or dirt or stains. Don’t believe the infomercials that show all that stuff about steaming. The clothes they use are all “new” and have just been wrinkled a bit with steam before filming. Look closely at the clothes in the commercial. they don’t look like laundry that just came out of the dryer!
    As for the $$$ at the cleaners, the service and labor is not cheap so neither is the product. But remember, one or two ruined outfits is a lot more expensive than your cleaning bills.

  • Thomas:

    If you want to buy fabric steamer, I suggest…
    SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer…

  • kay:

    Steaming dirty clothes will lead to permanently stained and sometimes stinky clothes. Not advised.
    Why not choose clothing that can be washed?

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