Should I Get A Steamer For My Wedding Dress Or Risk It At The Dry Cleaners?

I bought my wedding dress online and it was shipped to me in a TINY box. It has all these wrinkles and I’ve let hang to try and get them out, but it didn’t work. I don’t want to risk putting an iron to it! I’ve never taken anything to the cleaners either, but I’ve heard horrible stories. I was thinking about getting a TOBI steam cleaner or a Rowenta Garment Steamer. Are either of these good or should I just pay to get it done somewhere. I thought about the steamers because I could use it for other household chores too. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Should I Get A Steamer For My Wedding Dress Or Risk It At The Dry Cleaners?”

  • Carole Q:

    Most wedding dresses are made out of material that can NOT have a ‘wet’ steam to them. You need what is called a ‘dry’ ironing/pressing. So, do not attempt with the steam irons you are suggesting.
    Definitely go to dry cleaners and ask to have it “pressed only”. Pick a dry cleaner that has been established in your area for many years. Nationwide is Martinizing stores. Just don’t pick the cheapest cut-rate place or one that started in the last 2-3 years.
    Hint for future dry cleaning. If need something ‘washed’, make sure the solvent used is Perc (may have to call during business hours to get someone who will be able to tell you the type of solvent used). Perc is an abbreviation for Pereclorethelene (spelling?) which is much, much better than the raw solvent & less likely to cause skin irritations.

  • My wedding dress was used over and over by my friends for the last 30 years. I originally had it put in a protective packing and box. Well, after being borrowed the first time, I stopped having it put in the preservation packing. It’s always come back from the cleaners in beautiful condition. I’ve used dry cleaners off and on for years and never lost anything. I think my sister did once a long time ago, but they paid her for her dress.

  • Sunny:

    go to the cleaners, and ask them if there is any way possible they can ruin ur dress, just try to trust them they know what they r doin.

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