Steam Cleaner Or Hoover???????

pleeeeeeease help???????
our dog has flees and carpets/house have them, weve used sprays,power and are treatin him with frontline.
but i want to get rid of teh b****ers, theyre still jumpin on me!
would steam cleaning the carpets be better than hoovering?
cos weve done this since friday 7th sept and we still have them
also do steam cleaners sterilize the floor and take dirty marks off carpets ?????
i cant stand it :0( :0(
please advice thanks

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3 Responses to “Steam Cleaner Or Hoover???????”

  • dawnb:

    It’s time to call in a professional. You’ve done your best but they have bested you. As you’ve found out neither vacuuming nor steam cleaning gets rid of them. Home steam cleaners do a good job of cleaning carpets but a professional does a better job. I use my steam cleaner to keep high traffic areas clean and that also helps keep the carpet fibers from breaking down. It’s amazing how dirty carpets can get in those areas. I use a pro though to do the entire house.

  • Dararie:

    You need to use a whole house bomb, it’s an aerosol product that you set, and then you leave the house….it’s very important that you follow the directions on the can exactly….it should take care of the fleas in the house, carpet and furniture.

  • enord:

    neither will work.u need chemical bug bombs.

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