Steam Cleaners For Home Use?

Where do I look for a steam cleaner-small one for the house. My burners on my nearly new (never get the grey ones) are a greasy mess. Hubby can cook, dirties all the cookware but doesn’t clean, I’ve been cleaning my semi-new stove all day. In between naps that is. Thanks

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  • I’m not sure on the stearmer, but I can tell you a little trick to make keeping those burner-plates under the heating element if stove is electric or under the iron burners of a gas stove. Wrap each one foil. (best to do when new before use, but once clean, you can still do it.) Use a double layer of regular foil. Burner plates for a gas stove have a whole in the middle: just slit the foil and fold back. Electric burner plates are solid. When soiled, you just remove the foil, clean, dry then recover. (the cleaning step is way easier!)
    I’ve kept mine in foil for 20 years (shiny aluminium burner plates) and they’re still shiny and nice.

  • All hat:

    If you put a drop of lemon juice in each ear before you cook, it somehow exudes out through the pores in your fingertips due to the heat of cooking or something, I don’t know. But do this and the underdrip pans remain sparkling clean. If there is any spill it stays soft for up to 36 hours and you can simply wipe it up.

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