Steam Cleaners:- How Do They Work? Do They Work?

Does the dirt come away with the steam? or rise to the top so you can wipe it off? or does it disovle? does it just force the dirt deeper into the sofa/carpet where it rots and smells but can’t be seen?
I’m thinking of buying one, but this question has been bugging me for days?
Hope someone technical can help, please try to limit the silly answers!

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11 Responses to “Steam Cleaners:- How Do They Work? Do They Work?”

  • A home steam cleaner is a good investment if you think you’ll use it at least twice a year. The dirt is actually moistened, scrubbed, and then suctioned into the waste tank.
    The variety that looks like a BIG UPRIGHT VACCUUM CLEANER WORKS QUITE WELL. Spot treating beforehand is recmmended.
    When using this machine, its imperative that you take your time as you clean the carpet. It’s not like a vaccuum where you just whisk over it. Also, be systematic about the area you clean.
    The method is: Forward to release the detergent, then pull back and forth to scrub and dry. Do this in what would resemble 3 to 4 foot columns, all of equal length. Repeat till you are done.
    If this seems like too much info, the instruction manual may spell it out better. Clean Carpets!

  • billyand:

    They work,
    The dirt still has to be wiped away. the steam just loosens it

  • doodlebu:

    It all depends on the type you buy! Remember you get what you pay for! I personally could not live without my steam cleaner. They really do work!

  • The steam loosens all the dirt then you have a cloth and just wipe away the damp dirt which is left behind. I have a system which can do everything – the oven, the carpets, the bathroom etc etc – even defrosting the freezer. I think it works a treat and saves sooooo much time.
    I can’t give you techincal answers, but I can tell you from experiance that these things a brilliant – just get a decent one.

  • koolkatt:

    I bought a steamer for my carpet but have actually used it on lots of things, like the freezer, oven, toilet and microwave. Baring in mind you still have to wipe and clean on these methods, it just makes it easier. It worked a little on the carpet but wasn’t great, but I think for a carpet you need to buy a really powerful one. Good luck.

  • Julie:

    All I know is that they hold water,which boils and creates steam.Yes they work well on quite a few things,especially carpets.

  • They are good, but they do have their limitations.
    The steam will shift the dirt, so you will still then have to collect it up in some way (we use some old terry nappies with our cleaner).
    Hint when attempting to ‘lift’ a stain from sofa / carpet you should use a nozzle and ‘tease’ the stain out by attacking from the side (and not the top).
    I’d recommend the Earlex Steam Caddy, it’s got more power than the small handheld ones, and heats-up quicker than the big ones. Also it can be topped-up whilst it is use (a real boon).

  • penny4th:

    I have one…and I think they’re brill…..if you get a good one that is!! Apparently some of there small hand held ones are a bit hit and miss.
    I use it to clean everything…from bathroom…to carpets…awesome!!

  • jcarrao:

    steam cleaners are good depending of the model, but as you say your interest is for the carpet and sofa i do not advise you to buy one for that purpose…
    for any other cleaning tasks is a good investment…
    for carpets and sofas the best you can do is to call a professional to deal with it as the regular steam cleaning gear is not suitable for such tasks…

  • carol h:

    we use a wallpaper stripper to do the same job,works well and cheaper,our theorey is all the dirt rises to the top,and then we give it a good hoover,we have had our carpet for 17years now,and i only want to change it beacause im fed up with it, its still in good order.get them cheap out of argos.good luck.

  • parky:

    steam cleaners work great if used properly and you have a good one. If it heats water itself such as a ‘Truck Mounted” steam cleaner does then its great, you set the temperature you need to work at because some fabrics cant take to much heat. For your portable type units most are hot water extractors that use hot water from your tap (still good to use) which people refer to as steam cleaners, they work good if used properly. What to look for when buying one is the vacuuming power (cfm) the more power the better. this prevents over wetting, you want to remove as much water as possible to prevent damage (water stains, mildew, musty smell, etc…) so yes they are great to have.

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