Steam Cleaning Carpets Easy 10 Points!?

I have a steam cleaner and recently found that I can make my own solution for it with oxyClean for a lot less. The down side is most of these recipes say to mix it in with the water because that’s how most cleaners work, mine is a self mixer, it has two tanks, one for solution the other for water. How would I go about making a concentrated solution for my kind of steamer?

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  • rhonda:

    well put amount of water that tank holds in a pitcher, then mix an amount that would, when mixed with the steam water, in other tank be strong enough to clean based on the oxy bottle directions. if steam water tank holds a gallon and cleaner tank holds a quart, id make it about 4 times the strength.

  • dusty_ti:

    I’m not familiar with the oxyclean your talking about. If its a powder – then mix one cup w/3 cups of boiling hot water, let the mixture cool to room temperature before filling your reservoir. Just be sure that the solution put in is thoroughly dissolved and clear. Otherwise you might want to run it through a coffee filter (the cheapest) first – to remove any grit. Clean the first section under the couch and see how it fares.

  • knowital:

    I mix the correct amounts and put in a spray bottle. Spray the carpet, then use cleaner and rinse with water that has some white vinegar in it..

  • C:

    Mix it with a little bit of water for the solution side, and it will be diluted from the other side

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