The Haan Steam Mop Infomercial:( Stuck Once Again!!?

I keep seeing an ad about a steam mop by Hann and (of course) They say it’s the best. I was jut wondering if anyone has used this, and If it was worth buying. If somone knows of any better steam cleaning mop that will clean wood floors,tile and some kind of stone floors. I would be SO happy…I have not been a bit happy with my maids. They do not do what they say! So I have to clean a 5,200sq foot house ALONE and it’s a *****. But I would rather me do it right…Oh by the way, does anyone have any FABULOUS cleaners here on the eastside of seattle. I could really use some input. Thanks so much!!!

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2 Responses to “The Haan Steam Mop Infomercial:( Stuck Once Again!!?”

  • SMOKEr14:

    I don’t know anyone who has that brand but I’ll tell ya what I know about steam mops.
    I have the h2o mop, I bought it about a year ago. I love the way it cleans the floors, no chemical, no residue, no stickiness, picks up pet hair and crumbs and dirt, light-weight and easy to use.
    My friend has the Hoover Floormate and I like that brand better. It’s got the Hoover quality which I’ve always liked. It does a great job and is a little easier to manage than the h2o.
    If I could trade mine for the Hoover, I would.

  • jen:

    I have a steam mop and it is very good. I think it would work very well for you. I know other people that have tried them and LOVE it.
    I checked out that brand and it looks ok. I think it is a bit small. If you have the money you may want to get something a bit more heavy duty.

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