There Is Steam Coming From My Toilet?

Ok well it was yesterday and it has stopped but it was scary. I was cleaning the bathroom and poured in “The works” bowl cleaner after a couple seconds there was a thick steam or fog coming out of the toilet bowl! I hadn’t put any other cleaners in the toilet but I had used a different cleaner for the rest of the bathroom-could over spray have made mustard gas?! Anyone have any ideas what caused this?
Thank you-

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3 Responses to “There Is Steam Coming From My Toilet?”

  • Zach F:

    If the other cleaner went down the drain it could have mixed in the pipes.

  • Dorothy K:

    The works bowl cleaner is a rather harsh chemical, so yes, it is possible that the fumes in the air combined and created that kind of gas. I find that just using Clorox Bleach- Splashless in the toilet and surfaces does the trick.

  • johnny 5:

    it would have been funnier if you pooped in it and then steam started coming out.

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