Those Steam Cleaners You Can Carry On Your Shoulder?

Love them? Hate them? What’s your 2 cents!?! Thanks

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4 Responses to “Those Steam Cleaners You Can Carry On Your Shoulder?”

  • budgie:

    If I could marry mine I would! I bought one of the more expensive brands but it’s takes minutes to heat up and less time to clean my cooker! Gone are all the horrible smelling cooker cleaning spray’s now it’s just a quick steam out and done! I recently moved into a new flat and it cleaned the lime scale off the taps, bath and the strange green substance round the toilet off in no time. Well worth getting one, but also worth paying a little more for better outcome!

  • Lisa T (Stop BSL):

    Have one and it’s kind of a pain in the a@s! You have to let it warm up, keep filling it up, empty it, etc. errrrrrrrrrr

  • flowwer_:

    I never used one but I like the Idea of not haveing to push 1 around! SO LOVE IT!!!

  • rhh33672:

    don’t own one, but looks pretty convenient to steam out the wrinkles on clothing.

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