Tile Floor And Grout Cleaners?

My husband and I put ceramic tile floors in our kitchen, dining room, office, and laundry. We cannot seem to get them clean. I use to scrub them with a brush and bleach but can’t with a small child and being pregnant. We have tried swiffers (wet jet and sweepers) a mop and bucket, a steam mop, nothing seems to get them very clean, just pushes the dirt around. I need something that will get them sparkling and be easy to do while pregnant, please help.

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3 Responses to “Tile Floor And Grout Cleaners?”

  • rob s:

    Nothing should stick to a glazed tile surface that fast and hard.. In my mind I have to ask you what else in the past have you ve been using on the floor and what kind of sealer did you use and how long ago? If you have the exact tile name and manufacturer I d be glad to help you. E mail me thru my avatar and check my qualifications there.. Get me any and all the products you ve used and maybe we can figure it out.. I do this with lots of people GL

  • If you love having a very clean and shining floor, I’m sure both your hands and your knees are probably been suffering because of it. I use Lustro Italiano cleaner from Ciciliot which works best for me. you can find it in my source site

  • sweetpea:

    Your husband needs to get on his hands and knees and get those grout lines super clean, then seal them.
    From now on, clean those tile floors with white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. I use a damp Sh-mop.http://www.thecleanteam.com/sh-mop.cfm

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