Using The Shark Steamer?

I was recently in a home where the maid was cleaning with a Shark steam machine. I asked her how she liked it and she said it’s ‘the best’. Does anyone out there use this and what does it do that the vacuum or wet mop doesn’t?

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2 Responses to “Using The Shark Steamer?”

  • Nothing cleans more deeply and thoroughly. There’s a little dampness left from it, but it dries really quickly. It’s amazing how clean my stove is, and especially my oven. My family has a lot of respiratory problems, mostly from harsh chemicals, molds and mites, and using the shark is wonderful. It kills 100% of the mites it comes in contact with, so we even use it on pillows. It kills germs, pulls up oil and grease, and we don’t need to use the nasty cleaning products.

  • Kristi F:

    I use mine for everything. I love it. I use it on everything from the carpet to stuck on food on dishes to cleaning the toilet. I recently had to purchase a new one due to the fact that I wore my old one out. I also use it on our vehicles..does an amazing job on car rims and interiors.

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