What Are Some Good Carpet Steam Cleaners For Pet Stains And Stuff Like That?

Also We’d like a steam cleaner that makes the carpet look like its professinally cleaned

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  • ♪Majestik moose© ★RAWR★:

    i had the best success with small Bissell Little Green Pro Heat, and the fill sized Bissell Pro Heat. I have 10 dogs in my house right now, 6 of them small puppies, so a good steam cleaner is a life saver.
    ADD: it is smaller, for spot cleaning. It’s nice to have when i just have one spot, or one corner that needs cleaning, and i don’t want to break out the whole cleaner.
    Both have hose attachments, so you could get the big cleaner, and use the hose to spot clean. However, the big cleaner is almost $200, while the little green is maybe 85 or 90 at walmart. It’s worth every penny though.

  • georgiab:

    the VERY best one, hands down is the Rugdoctor… rent it from local drug stores or grocery stores…

  • If you are asking about the machines, what you want to know when getting a machine is. 1. Does the machine heat the water and to what temperature? Hotter water cleans better. 2. How much water does the machine spray down on the carpet and at what pressure? Like a car wash, higher pressure cleans better and deeper. 3. How much water-lift and cubic feet of air per minute do the vacuums pull and move that extract the water (solution) out of the carpet? I have had steam cleaners that would put 5 times as much water into the carpet as another machine but it still left the carpet drier because it was so much more effective at extracting (vacuuming) the water back out again. Put 5 times as much water into the carpet and pull 5 times as much back out rinses much better. These things along with the cleaning chemicals you use make all the difference in how hard you have to work and how effective your results are.

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