What Carpet Shampooer Do Yall Use On Your Carpets?

What is a cheap way to shampoo your carpets for steam cleaners?

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3 Responses to “What Carpet Shampooer Do Yall Use On Your Carpets?”

  • wrnbby:

    if you mean the machine i use to clean my carpets at home, i would say ive used the little green machine from bissell for quite a few years, its been quite reliable.. It is small and the hand tool really is great at getting out stains. If you need to clean a large area or whole house, I would say just rent one of the ones theyve got at the grocery store. For about 30 bucks you can do it in one afternoon. Its not really worth buying the stand up type carpet cleaners they sell..i looked into it and they are all so cheaply made out of flimsy plastic that they break down easily…and they are big, you have to find somewhere to store them for the 364 days out of the year you dont use them..

  • I had 3 Regina’s and thought they were the best. Every time i loaned it out it came back with something wrong with it. I went to by another one and got the Hoover Steam Vac.instead. Yes, it is a little more expensive. I did get mine on sale but,and they are built more durable. I will never own another Regina or any other brand.
    It gets my carpets cleaner and dryer.I have had this( knock on wood ) about 6-7 years and if it goes tomorrow, another will replace it.That is how strongly i believe in them
    Yes, you can rent those from the store but, if you are like me and have grand children, If they spill a glass of juice on the floor, get the cleaner out and suck it up. If you have a little cleaning solution at hand put some on it and the stain does not set.By the time you get to the store and rent on for a spill like this, it is in your carpet. Plus i do my carpets in the spring and toward fall for the holiday’s and sometimes in between if needed. It has paid for it’s self and saved me money over rental and they are no bigger than a vacuum cleaner.Storage is no big deal over the convince of having it.

  • Arkansas Vacs:

    i use a kirby cleaning system, its the best out there. steam cleaning destroys your carpet.

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