What Do You Think Of The Steam Cleaners You “see On Tv”? Do They Really Work?

On the infomercials it looks like dirt and grease just melt away making cleaning the kitchen and bath so much quicker and easier. BUT has anyone really tried one of these (or other types of)steam cleaners?

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3 Responses to “What Do You Think Of The Steam Cleaners You “see On Tv”? Do They Really Work?”

  • Tried it myself, frankly I hated it. It just sprayed the dirt all over, it gets hot as h**l when you use it because if the steam, the set up and clean is longer and messier than just use good old fashion elbow grease and regular cleaning tools. Some good cleaning websites I have seen maybe they can help.

  • Helen D:

    I had a cleaning lady that used a steamer to reduce the use of chemicals and detergents. It ended up ruining my gas counter top range. For some reason it caused the back burner knobs (the ones seldomly used) to freeze up. However, I have been thinking of getting one to use in the yard to clean the hard water off the bricks and pool.

  • I have one and my complaint is that you spend most of your time filling it. It works really well for burnt on grease, but within just a very few minutes you have to fill it again. This is quite a process as it has to cool so long before you open it. I have had mine since November and have only used it twice because of the time factor.

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