What Is The 0.01 % Of Germs That Cant Be Killed?

I see these ads for cleaners that can kill 99.99% of germs. What germs cant be killed by steam cleaners, 409, ivory, etc?

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5 Responses to “What Is The 0.01 % Of Germs That Cant Be Killed?”

  • Sharon H:

    Well, there are some strains/species of bacterium that are resilient against these disinfectants/cleaners. A similar principle as to why we can’t yet develop an effective antiviral for things like HIV (it mutates rather rapidly- and some strains as a result will be resistant to any given antiviral agent.)
    Did you know some bacterium, live in extremes of heat and pressure deep in the ocean (far greater than what the human can take)? It’s adaptation/evolution.
    Oh yes, I have to also agree with answers to the effect that it could be a salesman ploy. Because, I also believe that once the things are killed they’ll come swarming back (through the air and area around cleaned area.)

  • We don’t yet have the technology to determine an exact Germ count.
    Those cleaner companies take advantage of this, and put whatever percentage they want. Except 100%. Since you can’t get an exact germ count, you won’t be able to determine if you really did exterminate 100%.
    Its kind of like false advertising in my opinion

  • Haruka:

    They’re not really talking about specific germs, they are just coverign their butts incase their product misses some. Because if it did, and they were advertising 100%, then people could sue them :p

  • Hoet:

    I think they just say that to get the point across: It works really well, but if It misses a tiny bit, we didnt say it was perfect

  • ஜ obama fever ஜ:

    you’ll live

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