What Is The Best Clothes Steamer/steam Iron You Have Used?

What is the best clothes steamer/steam iron you have used, how much did it cost, and where did you purchase it?
My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, he has absolutely everything, so I want to get him something practical. He is in business so he’s always wearing slacks and button-ups and he is constantly having to iron. I want to get him one of the steamers so that his clothes will look like he got them from a dry cleaners and he won’t have to spend as much time getting the wrinkles out as he does when he irons them.

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3 Responses to “What Is The Best Clothes Steamer/steam Iron You Have Used?”

  • twinkle:

    Wow…! Your sooo lucky to have a bf who does the ironing. I luv it when guys iron, especially if they like it too… Definately buy him a euro-pro steam generator iron they also come with a really good heavy duty ironing board if you want it. If it’s steam power your looking for, this iron will blow you away, it’s magic..!
    Enjoy him, I would..

  • Rob K:

    Ilove my little steamer from HSN..Joy someone..it does the job fast and it’s not heavy. It also has a very long cord so you’re not limited to a particular area..it was cheap, too – less than $30.00. If he travels this is his best bet..love love love mine

  • Jane J:

    Hands down Rowenta. I like the steamer and the steam iron. I paid $110 for the steamer and about $60-80 for the iron. I like the iron because it can be used vertically, it gives intense puffs of steam that really get deep wrinkles out of heavier fabrics, like wool suit and upholstery fabrics. I like the steamer because you do not have to fill the reserviour often, it does not spit and leave water on garments and draperies like other brands I’ve owned and it also works on heavier fabrics as well as sheer fabrics without damage.

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