What Is The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Whats the best way to clean hardwood floors? What commercial or natural product do you use?I think I used to use vinegar and water, is that good? What are your methods, whats the best way to remove grease from hardwood floors? Do those steam cleaners work well? If so what brand do you recommend?

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2 Responses to “What Is The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors?”

  • Classy chick:

    My entire house is is hardwood floors and I am well…. NUTS! when it comes to things being clean and shiny!!
    I have used most of the stuff out on the market. Do not use the Swifter wet stuff it just leaves a film and the steam cleaners really just pushes the dirt around at least that is what I have found. The best method vinegar and water and a good clean sponge head mop. The true method to bringing out the shine is to wipe the floors dry, I have a bunch of old towels that I just throw on the floor and with my two feet and sometimes hands buff the floors dry. I have a very light wood in my home and when the sun streams through the glass doors off the back of my house you see a brilliant shine. Best of luck

  • Stephen P:

    i recomend u destroy ur hardwood floors, cement it all. and start a fightclub. u won’t be worrying about cleaning after that.

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