What Product Is The Best For Cleaning Carpets?

Since I have 2 little ones our floor tends to get a lot of small spots on it. I’ve tried using Resolve foam but it got used up way to fast. I don’t think we have any actual stains, just food spills, dirt and what not. I do have a few black spots near my computer chair but I am not sure what they are from so I don’t know if they are stains or not. So what do you suggest to clean carpets. By the way, steam cleaners/deep cleaners are not an option right now.

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  • Clara M.:

    Try using anything Mohawk – They are great. Check this out : Its so amazing that I know you will appreciate it the technology with two little ones running around . . I DO! :)
    Just an interesting article about SmartStrand Carpet made with Triexta:
    Something you may want to consider if you install new carpet in the future:http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/consumer/C…
    so amazing!
    But See what Mohawk products do to this carpet: There are pics on how well it cleans… a RHINO stomps all over it and then BOOM – its clean…

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