What Steam Cleaner/mop Should I Buy?

I previously had a shark steam mop and I would buy it again if the handle wasn’t so flimsy… which is why I’m in the market for another one.
I am looking for one around $100 or less with a minimum 30 day guarantee in case something goes wrong or it is just not what I expected.
1)I know I want something to steam my floors and help get up the sticky food and stuff dried on. I understand if I have to scrub with the mop still but with the shark it was still easier than traditional mopping and hands and knees scrubbing.
2) I want reusable pads and no chemicals cleaning.
3) A big plus would be if i could find something that could do carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and basically anything.
4) Hoping that whatever I buy this time will clean right up to the baseboards and in corners unlike the shark.
If I think of more I will add it but that’s basically what I want… I would love to get the same quick dry time like the shark but if I find something with superior cleaning I can deal with longer drying times.
By the way please don’t recommend swiffer or cheap mops with disposable pads because they just aren’t what I’m looking for.

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2 Responses to “What Steam Cleaner/mop Should I Buy?”

  • SMOKEr14:

    I recommend the Hoover Floormate. If you buy it from a store like JCPenney’s, returning it would not be a problem.
    QVC and HSN (the home shopping channels and websites) have several steam mop options available and a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee.
    I have the H2O mop and it works well, but I like the Hoover Floormate better. My friend has the Hoover and it’s a little heavier than mine and seems easier to control. I also like the Hoover brand for floor care products.
    Most stores will allow returns if you save the receipt and original packing material and return within a reasonable amount of time. Good luck.

  • Jenny C:

    Hi, The Bissell 1867-8 steam mop has some good reviews from consumers. People like that it just uses water, no chemicals and the pads are easy to remove and wash. Hope this helps.http://www.byvacuumcleaners.com/highest-…

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