What Works Better – A “carpet Extractor” Or “steam Cleaner”?

I have an older light colored wall to wall carpet with many spots and stains. It’s a real pain to treat the spots by hand. I’ve considered renting the “steam cleaners” from the grocery store or purchasing a hand held “carpet extractor”. They both work the same way, spraying steaming hot water and detergent into the rug, then vacuuming it up along with the dirt or stain.
If you’ve used one of these – or both – please give me the benefit of your advice. How well do they clean mud and food spots, how easy are they to use, and how wet do they leave the carpet? Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What Works Better – A “carpet Extractor” Or “steam Cleaner”?”

  • parky:

    There are good and bad portable cleaners, some refer to these as steam cleaners but generally they are hot water extractors. A good one with a heat exchanger and a powerful vacuum (cfm) which is what you need to get all the water out and have less drying time are expensive to buy and not for rent unless your in the profession. I would suggest calling a company that has a “TRUCK MOUNTED” steam system for your initial cleaning which are very powerfull machines and are real steam cleaners.and then you can maintain your carpet if you like with a portable extractor which also work great for your spot cleaning if you have one at hand, if not keep the stain damp with wet towels until you get one or call someone in to remove the stain. Don’t rub the stain into the carpet with cleaning solutions, extract it out.

  • cutefeet:

    Steam Cleaner…It’s always works for me the best

  • aussie:

    both work about the same

  • Dax R:

    Yeah the Rented Carpet cleaners work alot like the ones that you can purchase but anywho, remember too turn up your Water Heater before you get your clean-on man, this will do you well. They both work very well too, you will see an improvement you should also do your ride too if you buy or rent a Cleaner. Be cool C Ya.

  • Knock Knock:

    Probably neither are going to work for your situation and if they do it will only be temporarily. Reason..you have been treating those spots by hand and there is going to be a build up of soap like substance (whatever spot cleaner you used) on it which just attracts dirt. So if you shampoo it the spot will look clean till that residue picks up somemore dirt. I would just call a professional carpet cleaning company to come heat extract your carpet.

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