What’s A Better Cleaner: Steam Cleaners Or Regular Carpet/upholstery Cleaner?

I want to clean the upholstery on my car and don’t know which way to go.

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4 Responses to “What’s A Better Cleaner: Steam Cleaners Or Regular Carpet/upholstery Cleaner?”

  • dodge man:

    the steam cleaner does a lot better,and it dries them up as you go the other one leaves the seats a little damp,and sometimes they will sour before they get a chance to dry back out,good luck with it.

  • Gerald:

    You did not specify if it is leather–plastic or upholstery.
    I pick fabric or upholstery… Go to Auto Zone or Pep Boys Kmart–WalMart and look in the automotive. Get the cans you will need to clean up the seats… Leave the head liner intact. Detail shop can put a new one in if it is that bad…Follow the directions on the lable and presto your done…

  • lemonpro:

    I was using the spray cleaner but my wife came up with something that works better. She used vinegar on a rag and lay it on the stain on the seat and put a book on top to weight it down two hours later the stain was goon . I was amazed with that. Try it and I think you will be well satisfied. Good Luck and GOD Bless



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