What’s The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors?

I’ve seen these little steam cleaners for laminate floors, however, don’t know if these are really a good idea. Sponge mopping leaves streaks unless you still get down on your knees to dry the floor. Any suggestions (other than getting a maid)?

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3 Responses to “What’s The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors?”

  • froggysm:

    After you sponge/cotton mop let it dry and use the laminate floor cleaner……. I mop my floors really good. Let them dry (they may be spotted)completely. Use a laminate floor cleaner with a floor mop that you can remove the cotton cover to wash. Spray the cleaner only on the small area that you can go over before it sets and work your way out of the room. Allow to dry before walking on it. Leaves it shiney.
    Or just sweep and vac the floor really well and use the laminate cleaner without the wet mop. If I do that I will go over the floor twice.

  • chicagir:

    You should only use a laminate floor cleaner or a ph neutral cleaner. The other answer was right on!

  • pickmefi:

    vinegar and water with a damp mop

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