Which Is Better? The Shark Steam Mop Or The Haan?

I am going to be buying either a Shark Steam Mop, or a Haan. I have not decided which yet so I would like to know which one you think is better and why.
I will be using it to clean, Wood, linolium, and tile. I have not decided it I would use the carpet tray, but the option would be nice.

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2 Responses to “Which Is Better? The Shark Steam Mop Or The Haan?”

  • tipstir:

    Steam mop is good for cleaning ceramics tile. Wood, non-wax and linoleum you have to be careful not to get that white ring problem when setting these steamer mops to high over 1,000 watts. Even lower settings still cause this problem if you forget and leave the mop in one place to long. Wood floors might loose their shine if you use any Pledge wood shine products will be completely removed.
    On non-wax tile or linoleum well get cleaned it might not remove deep dark black marks that you can’t even rub out. Just to let you know. Shark Steam Mop is popular and most of the other brands two. Bissell has one also. I have Haan it does clean but how long is shorter than you think. I fill it to the max with water beyond that little measuring cup they give you.
    They all clean with steam. But steam has it limits and those pads for them get dirty to quickly. They have to be replaced (put into the washer at hot water wash cycle) or else you end up with dirty smears on your floor. You’ll need more than one or 4 of those pads to clean a 9×12 kitchen floor if it’s really dirty. Pet stains (pee, poo and vomit) I won’t use steam to clean that up as the pads can only pick up so much stuff.
    Haan would be better as described above is my findings with it. the Shark Steam Mop works but not build the same way as the Euro Haan is made for steam and it does get very hot quick.

  • Danielle:

    I noticed that the Haan Steamer has a row of steam holes whereas the Shark Steamer has only one big steam hole.

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