Which Steam Cleaner Is Better?

The polti or the shark? Or do you have any other ideas. I heard that steam cleaning can make mold. Is this true?

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3 Responses to “Which Steam Cleaner Is Better?”

  • 'Er indoors!!:

    A polti cleaner is far better but costs around 5 times more than the shark portable. I have used both. I had a shark first, and liked it so much, I bought a better cleaner, a polti. Whoever told you that steam cleaners make mold? I have been using a steam cleaner for 8 years now, and have never had a sign of mold. My home is spotless, my bedding is dustmite free, and my wooden floors are so dry, I can walk on them straight away.I clean everything with a steam cleaner, inside my home, and outside. Brilliant invention.

  • browneye…:

    Personaly I feel the steam cleaners on the market are a SKAM. They do do LITTLE of anything. The tv commercials show it taking little stains off sinks….Well, a little soap and water on the sponge would do the same thing.

  • harlanuu:

    This is a consumer report on steam cleaners
    No it should not make mold if the machine is set correctly

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