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What About In Home Carpet Cleaners Carpet Cleaning?

I would like to buy a in home carpet cleaning machine. Bissell is like 299.00 and a Hover steam is like 198.00 Or is there something else I should get ? I dont want to pay more than 300.00 Any ideas on product what is good and what is not ? Thank You

Anyone Know Anything About Wedco Steam Cleaners From The 60′s?

I just came across a Wedco Steam Cleaner. It hooks to a garden hose, and to a propane tank. The propane burner is suppose to heat the coils and turn the water into steam. It is missing the propane hose and regulator. I can’t seem to find out anything about this machine, or the company. I did see a magazine ad for it on ebay. That was it.

What Do You Think About The “shark” Ultra Steam Blaster?

Does it clean well? Do you add chemicals or just plain water? Will it clean grout well? Any thoughts on this machine?
Can you recommend a better steam cleaner for tiled flooring as well as other household surfaces. I do NOT have carpet in my house so I do NOT need to clean any carpets!!

I’m Trying To Find Out About The Monster 1200, Shark Steamer, Or H2o Steam Cleaner. Anyone Tried One?

My cousin has tried the shark floor steamer, says it left a residue when done. She’s returning hers. Like anyone I’m just looking for something that will clean more effectively than a mop, sponges or wipes.

Shark Steam Cleaner