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I Spilled Some Red Cough Medicine “vicks 44″ In The Back Floor Of My Car, How Do I Get Rid Of It?

I tried Woolite oxy floor cleaner and other carpet cleaners but they just fainted it. Any other ideas? I ws thinking steam cleaner or something.

Is There A Cleaner That Keeps Carpet Stains From Coming Back??

I have cream colored burber (spelling?) carpet and I’ve had them steam cleaned and used other “spot” cleaners only to have the dirt come back. The high traffic areas are the worst. Yesterday I tried Oxy-clean so I’m waiting to see if all the stains come back again. Granted this place IS a rental, it still annoys me, lol.
My husband tells me the reason stains come back is because the soap attracts the dirt. Why when you steam clean with pure water do the stains come back? Soap isn’t involved!
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Do Pet Urine Stains Come Back After The Carpets Are Steam Cleaned?

I hired a group of carpet cleaners to rid my carpet of pet urine stains. This is the 2nd time i’ve come redo the carpets. They tell me urine and blood stains “come back” after the carpets are cleaned. Is this true?

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