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Best Method For Mattress Cleaning?

I have a great mattress but my puppies have peed on it a couple of times. When I caught them in the action I cleaned it as quick and as good as possible. Although it has left stains. And it is grossing me out.
What is the best method of removing the stains?
I read about steam cleaning it and all sorts of concoctions of cleaners to try.
What works best?
Please help.

What Is The Best Way To Get Red Dye Out Of Carpet?

My child spilled red cherry koolaid on my freshly shampooed carpets. I have ran the steam cleaner over it several time and have left it there sitting even to remove the stain to no avail. We initially tried that oxyclean stain remover and that just made it worse. I’ve seen ads for cleaners that are specifically for red dye removal but there pricey (usually 20 bucks a bottle). Is there a cheaper way without ruining the fibers of the carpet. Help!!! Thanks!!!

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner In Your Opinion?

I have steam cleaned my carpet 3 times and still cant get stains out. Any suggestions on good cleaners?

Carpet Washers, Which Is Best?

I am in desperate need of a carpet washer or steam cleaner.
My 3 year old makes a terrible mess on our light sandy coloured room is the 1st room you walk into through the front door.
I have tried a couple of steam cleaners, which was borrowed from friends. I found them to be very hard work and a full days job.
The carpet is heavy stained from spilt juice etc.
Are the shampooing type effective?
Can anyone recommend a really good carpet cleaner?

What’s The Best Way To Clean Cat Urine Stains On Hardwood Floors?

My cat is 12 and has started urinating everywhere. She’s caused thousands of dollars of damages to my beautiful brand new hardwood floors. I’ve tried Nature’s Miracle and Urine-Off, organic cleaners and steam mopping. Still have stains and odors! Please help!

Shark Steam Cleaner