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Steam Cleaning Carpets Easy 10 Points!?

I have a steam cleaner and recently found that I can make my own solution for it with oxyClean for a lot less. The down side is most of these recipes say to mix it in with the water because that’s how most cleaners work, mine is a self mixer, it has two tanks, one for solution the other for water. How would I go about making a concentrated solution for my kind of steamer?

Do Pet Urine Stains Come Back After The Carpets Are Steam Cleaned?

I hired a group of carpet cleaners to rid my carpet of pet urine stains. This is the 2nd time i’ve come redo the carpets. They tell me urine and blood stains “come back” after the carpets are cleaned. Is this true?

Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution For Carpets?

We just purchased a new house and want to clean the carpets before we move in. They don’t look dirty and no visible stains but we just want to give them a good cleaning before moving in furniture. The house has been empty for a year. I have a steam cleaner. I have heard there are homemade solutions that work great in these cleaners. Can anyone give me some? LIke I said, I don’t see any stains so I don’t need a stain remover, just a good solution that will clean the whole carpet.

What Carpet Shampooer Do Yall Use On Your Carpets?

What is a cheap way to shampoo your carpets for steam cleaners?

What Is The Best Way To Deep Clean Carpets?

I’ve read some of other people’s posts, and it seems like some say get a professional (some like Stanley Steemer, others don’t), some say to rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself, others say to buy your own, which is the best investment in the long run. I don’t mind buying my own for $200 if they really work well, because it does seem to be cheaper in the long run. I have 2 dogs and they bring in mud and dirt into the house all the time. I’ve never had carpets deep cleaned before, so I don’t know the difference between the different services and technology. Are they all steam cleaners or no? Any information is welcome and appreciated.

Shark Steam Cleaner