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Should I Use My 1800 Deposit As Last Months Rent.?

I have been an ideal tenent using direct deposit and paying a week early every month for a year. I am about to move and my landlord dosent want me to go so he offered to lower my rent, but I found a place that will save me 475.00 a month. I feel he is going to keep my deposit out of bitterness. When I first moved in he refused to to a walkthrough with me because he was really busy. The back door doesnt lock on the slider, the carpets were filthy, the oven and dishwasher didnt work(which he asked me to buy and install and take off rent). So I requested in writing to use the security deposit towards last months rent and agree to an immeadete walkthrough as well as a final and he refused. I think he is gong to use the security towards all the things I mentioned (carpet and broken slider door). So Should I just keep last months rent and tell him to keep my deposit? I am leaving house sparkling and hiring steam cleaners.

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