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What Is The Best Cleaner To Use In A Steam Cleaner For Extra Dirty Carpets?

We are purchasing a house that was forclosed on and has been sitting for about 6 months. The carpet is probably 3 years old and appears that a vacuum cleaner has never touched them…LOL! However, I believe the carpet will come clean, it’s just extremely dirty and has a lot of traffic areas in it. I have rented a steam cleaner to try to do it myself, but just wondering if anyone has any advise on any good cleaners to use in the system that they have had a great success with.

What Is The Best Mop And/or Sollution Product For Cleaning Long Dirty Kitchen Floor (dried-in Stains)?

I saw the infomercial for the shark steam mop. Sounded and looked interesting, but online reviews have said it is only so-so, too flimsy of a handle apparently. I have also heard just stick with basic ammonia and water. Tile floor in the kitchen and dining room.

Shark Steam Cleaner