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How To Get House Ready For Steam Carpet Cleaning (“truck-mounted Hot-water Extraction”)?

I had a list of things to do before the carpet cleaners come, but I’ve lost it. Anyone know what we need to do before they arrive at our messy home?
I’m sure I need to pick up loose items and make sure nothing is on top of furniture, but what else?
Thanks for your replies.
Happy New Year.

Can I Substitute Liquid Carpet Extraction Cleaner (the Kind For Steam Cleaners) For Laundry Detergent??

I am out of laundry soap and do not have time to go to store and back to get more – I need to improvise…
I have steam cleaner Carpet Extraction liquid which is low-foaming and color-safe for carpets… It is concentrated so I know I would only use a little bit – But is it OK to use in a washing machine?? Does anyone know? I also have dish soap but I know that is too sudsy and can be too harsh for clothes.
Your opinions please – what do you think? Shall I try it??

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