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How Do I Know When I Have To Dry Clean My Suits Rather Than Just Getting Them Steam Pressed?

When suits are dry cleaned they come back with a stronger scent (which I don’t like) than when they are steam pressed. Thus, I prefer to get them steam pressed (it’s also cheaper). After having my suits steam pressed last month, they looked and felt perfectly clean to me. Even though I wear the same two jackets, two pants, and one skirt four days each week, I only take them to the cleaners once a month. This is my second month of wearing them, and I am going to take them in tonight.
Do you think that I need to get them dry cleaned rather than steam pressed? If so, why?
Thank you!!!

My Heater Core Went Out And Steam Filled The Car Getting Antifreeze On The Windshield, How Do I Get It Off?

The steam from the leak filled the car and “stained” the window, I guess. I have tried cleaning the windows with numerous window cleaners, but nothing seems to get it off the windows…any suggestions?

Shark Steam Cleaner