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Does Anyone Know A Good Recipe For Homemade Carpet Cleaner? Something That You Have Tried With Great Results?

I have steam cleaned my carpets for years myself. I do not like the cleaners currently available and thought I would try some homemade remedies. Has someone got a recipe that they have used themselves or seen used that really works well? I see them listed from time to time but have not tried any so please help? Thanks.

Are Carpet Shampooers Any Good? Im Thinking It Might Be A Good Option But Dont Know Alot About Them.?

I live in a modern house and the carpets mark incredibly easy. I hate having dirty carpets and at the moment my only option is to keep hand scrubbing or footing for professional cleaners. I was thinking a good quality steam cleaner or carpet shampooer might be a good middle ground. Any advice or tips?

Need A Good Carpet Cleaner…?

I’m in need of a carpet cleaner for home use. Heavy stains on the carpet seem to be a reoccuring nightmare. I hired some local steam cleaners to come out and do the carpets and they looked great but it was like 125 bucks. What’s a good model to get and where at? Regular carpet shampooer or steam?

What Is A Good Brand Of Steam Vacuums?

AND if you know a brand, which type would you recommend me that is not much more than $150? and can steam cleaners clean wood floors like a regular vacuum or will it mess up the wood floor?
Thanks : – )

Are Steam Cleaners Any Good? Has Anyone Tried Them?

i m just thinkin to get one . do they clean carpets well

Shark Steam Cleaner