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My Veil Is Crushed! Can I Iron Or Steam It? Help!?

I got married almost two years ago, and then I lost my veil, which my best friend gave me as a gift. She’s getting married in a few days and she is using my veil, which I’ve finally found. It’s badly crushed! I’m not in the USA and I can’t get it cleaned and returned in time for her wedding. Dry cleaners don’t have a quick turn-around time here.
It’s made of netting with small pearls and diamantes on it. Can I iron it? Can I steam it? Will that make it look less crushed? Help!

Could You Help Me Solve This Problem?

What is the cost in dollars to steam clean a room W yards wide and L yards long it the steam cleaners charge 10 cents per square foot?

I Was Trying To Vacuum My Carpet Last Day And Then All I Saw All Over My Carpet Was Black Spots, Help Me Clean

The spots look like black ink spots. They seem to be powdery because now they are all over my carpet. Is there an effective way to clean my carpet? Can steam vacuums help? Will I have to call professional cleaners to clean them? Any kinda help is appreciated!

Help! How Can I Get A Cherry Koolaid Stain Out Of A Beige Carpet?

I have tried Hot Shot & Rug Doctor carpet cleaners and steam cleaned the carpet…it still wont come out……any suggestions?

How Do Those Steam Clean Carpet Cleaners Help When They Use Water, Which Goes To The Carpet Padding?

What about mold growth? All the water does not get “sucked” out because the carpet stays wet.

Shark Steam Cleaner