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Does Anyone Know A Good Recipe For Homemade Carpet Cleaner? Something That You Have Tried With Great Results?

I have steam cleaned my carpets for years myself. I do not like the cleaners currently available and thought I would try some homemade remedies. Has someone got a recipe that they have used themselves or seen used that really works well? I see them listed from time to time but have not tried any so please help? Thanks.

Homemade Steam Cleaner Solution For Carpets?

We just purchased a new house and want to clean the carpets before we move in. They don’t look dirty and no visible stains but we just want to give them a good cleaning before moving in furniture. The house has been empty for a year. I have a steam cleaner. I have heard there are homemade solutions that work great in these cleaners. Can anyone give me some? LIke I said, I don’t see any stains so I don’t need a stain remover, just a good solution that will clean the whole carpet.

Does Anyone Have A Good Homemade Solution For Steam Cleaners?

I need a good homemade solution for my steam cleaner to clean the carpets. Something good for pet stains too. Those carpet cleaners from the store are SO expensive. There has got to be something you can use at home that is just as good.
Thanks to anyone who can help!!

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