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I Was Given An Older Hoover Spin Brush Steam Vac. I Know How To Use The Floor Cleaner, But I Have A Question?

about a small gray tube. The tube is at the end of the hand attachment, and is not very long. It has a gray and black attachment at the end, that looks like it should attach somewhere. If anyone has one of these cleaners, could you please advise me to where it attaches. Also should the hand attachment have bristle on it? It seems to be missing a nozzle that attaches at the back (maybe this had bristle???). Thanks in advance for any help!!
Model # F5858-920. Series # I 12.0

Steam Cleaner Or Hoover???????

pleeeeeeease help???????
our dog has flees and carpets/house have them, weve used sprays,power and are treatin him with frontline.
but i want to get rid of teh b****ers, theyre still jumpin on me!
would steam cleaning the carpets be better than hoovering?
cos weve done this since friday 7th sept and we still have them
also do steam cleaners sterilize the floor and take dirty marks off carpets ?????
i cant stand it :0( :0(
please advice thanks

Can You Use A Hoover Carpet Steam Cleaner Without Chemicals?

does anyone know if there are any carpet steam cleaners (that actually work good) on the market that you do not need to use a chemical cleaning solution in addition to the steam. I have a baby, so there are constantly messes, ie) spit up and pee getting on to my carpets. I want to clean them, however do not want to use any chemicals that he will come in contact with when on the floor.

Shark Steam Cleaner