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I Am Looking For A Versatile Steam Cleaner That Can Do Floors As Well As Detail Kitchen And Bathroom Cleaning.?

I have looked at several steam cleaners. I need one that will do a great job on tile, hardwood and carpet. The Haan supposedly leaves the carpet dry, and I like that very much. It also has an optional short handle that allows you to clean upholstery and bedding—something that I need for a child who has asthma. But it doesn’t seem to do the detail bathroom and kitchen cleaning that I am also looking for.
A friend who has one of the Monsters swears by its ability to clean the kitchen. She even steam cleans the inside of her oven with it. I need a product that does both detail cleaning and floors.
Does anyone have any success stories? I am a single, working mom. The cleaner needs to be affordable and easy to use.

What Is The Best Mop And/or Sollution Product For Cleaning Long Dirty Kitchen Floor (dried-in Stains)?

I saw the infomercial for the shark steam mop. Sounded and looked interesting, but online reviews have said it is only so-so, too flimsy of a handle apparently. I have also heard just stick with basic ammonia and water. Tile floor in the kitchen and dining room.

Shark Steam Cleaner